Who Are We?

We are two graduates in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. We specialised in Foreign Policy Analysis and Conflict Studies, while working on specific regions of the world such as the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. We also have experience working with International Organisations such as the United Nations and the International Crisis Group.

Our Philosophy

The Three Minute Post aims to deliver the context to international news stories succinctly and accurately. In the face of vast amounts of fast-flowing information, it is easy to know about international events but it is much harder to understand them. What we provide is a background to these events so that you understand not only what is happening but why it is happening. 

The Three Minute Post draws the most relevant strands of these events together, whether they are social, economic or political, and ties them into a comprehensive account that allows us to understand an issue rather than merely knowing about it.

Using academic journals and hundreds of news sources, our videos are extensively researched and reviewed by our peers in the appropriate fields. In three short minutes we give you the world.